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Sunday, May 5th, 2013
8:45 pm
Still About
Tae-Kahn is definitely the quietest of my three projects.

There are still thoughts about Dunst and Kywehn, I'ta'ri and the Nüclake. I have something somewhere about what got Trephi exiled. He challenged his clan's elders.

Trephi believed that leadership should be won. He believed that leadership should go to one who fights for it and proves his/her strength. When he was forced out he started building his group of outcasta in order to go back and take what he believed to be rightfully his.

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
10:09 am
The Stories
Tae-Kahn has a couple of storylines that are slowly unraveling. The one peviously mentioned, and the initial one that started on the planet, is that of the Nüclake, or the Outcasts, following Trephi and his band as Trephi seeks revenge and perhaps tracing back and actually exploring Trephi's past and the start of and reason for his exile.

The other Guenitha-related story deals with I'ta'ri, the tragic loss of his wings, and his healing from it. His story intertwines with Kh'seth, a wise old grihfohn who is a bit of a loner, though oddly enough gets a bit attached to the wounded Guenitha.

For the Grihfohn the predominant story is that of Kywehn, a Grihfohn who is both Kechen and Gihry.

For the Zaub the story of Dunst is predominant. Cocky, young, and a bit pushy it follows her coming-of-age journey. Her clan is one of the groups that gives its youth the challenge of getting a feather from a Grihfohn as a sign of bravery and intelligence. Brennen has a near-unheard of three (from different Grihfohn). It takes skill, nerve, a quick mind, and a quick body to pull off. Of course, Dunst's unfortunate luck was to run into a Grihfohn that was Gihry.

The Gifts:

Kechen: The ability to manipulate things on the atomic/molecular level, mostly found among the Zaub and almost all Zaub have it to some degreen

Gihry: Ability to manipulate energies (heat, electric, etc.). This is predominantly found among the Grihfohn, but rather rare in "modern" Tae-Kahn and seldom developed into anything terribly impressive due to prejudice.

Mental Gift: I don't recall if I had a specific name for it, but it is mostly found among the Guenitha, but is quite rare. This gift includes the ability to communicate telepathically, read thoughts, see the future/visions, and tamper with emotions (but not necessarily thoughts).

Mental Gift:
Thursday, September 18th, 2008
8:11 am
The Nüclake
Pronounced ... well there's really no English equivalent to ü, but think of it as a "oo" sound with a slight "uh" superimposed. Anyway Nü-tsla-ké (the "c" represents the "ts" sound in Guenitha).

I don't know if anyone other than me really remembers this group, but they were really the original Guenitha characters. The name means "Outcast" in Guenitha and in this particular context it refers to Trephi and his band. I have a fairly detailed thing written up with a bit of the back story for each member, but since I don't have it on me at the moment I'm going to wing it and give a brief overview.

Trephi- "Great Death," whose original name was Tre ma li tairph, or "green one of promise" before he was exiled from his clan. As with all the Nüclake, Trephi had a naturally combative nature. Although he was not large in stature he was very much of the mind that the strong should rule, not the Elders. He felt that the Guenitha were in imminent danger from both the Zaub and Grihfohn and confronted the Elders (specifically the lead one) in a meeting. The Elder didn't take Trephi as seriously as he should have and didn't recognize the oncoming physical altercation. Trephi put up quite a fight, killing some and maiming others before he was forcibly dragged outside of the clan's territory and exiled. He is currently seeking revenge and part of his reason for allowing others to join with him is for that purpose.

Ba'rehn- Full name "Balent'tea'ac girehn" meaning "Fighter's Spirit." He is a rather large Guenitha and the oldest member of the Nüclake. He was exiled from his clan after a fight with another male over the affections of a female that ended in death. As Guenitha society as a whole abhors violence among themselves he was, of course, kicked out and told never to return. In his travels he has confronted and fought many wandering Guenitha and has the scars to prove it. Trephi was the first to best him.

Anc'ott (Antsott)- Full name "Kanc'tea li gihren'ott," which translates to "Silencer of spirits." His was only a temporary exile, but he found Trephi and decided he'd rather keep with those who were of similar mind than go back. He comes from the one clan of Guenitha that is made up predominantly Kechen individuals (able to manipulate elements and compounds). When he was exiled he was stripped of his ornaments and I do not know if he ever told Trephi his clan of origin, nor divulged his unique gift. He was exiled for his experimentation in creating weaponry rather than the typical jewelry and other such things.

V'ea'ut- "Vlea gu'tea," meaning "Blue Flier." I can't quite remember now, but she was not actually exiled, but saw the writing on the wall, so to speak. She heard of Trephi's band and actively sought him out.

Z'inta- "Ma Zal Klinta," translated to "One [who/that] sees ahead." Z'inta is one of the few who carries the mental gift, which is pretty much unique to the Guenitha. She is a seer, a telepath, and just coming into her own. Her home clan had not had experience with one so gifted in several generations and there was no one to train her in the proper use of it. This, combined with her naturally combative nature made the clan Elders nervous and resulted in her expulsion from the clan by force. She put up quite a fight and she feels herself deeply wronged by it all. Part of her reason for seeking out the Nüclake was finding like-minded Guenitha and possibly seeking revenge.

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Friday, August 31st, 2007
8:03 am
Character/Story Meme thingy
A character meme. I did this for all three of my projects.

The CastCollapse )

And don't click this one if you plan on doing it yourself until after you have your list of characters.
The ResultCollapse )

I need to update this more often.

And I have to admit, Tae-Kahn is horribly neglected compared to Kashian and Lemyes.

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Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
1:20 pm
Kyzel and his family
Kyzel is one of the hawk/eagle Grihfohn. He is also Gihry. He was exiled from his home flight, but eventually found and fell in with another flight, keeping his ability secret. He found a mate, Tennibek and they, in turn had several cubs.

Before I jump into this I will note that m=male, f=female, and in most cases the first syllable of the name is inherited from the father. In rare cases, such as when there are several living adult cubs, some may carry the first syllable of their mother.

So Kyzel (m) and Tennibek (f), they produce Kyster (m). Kyster marries Timsenet.

Timsenet is the daughter of Timeset (m) and Tenallek (f). Tenallek and Tennibek are cousins.

Kyster and Timsenet produced the following offspring in order of age: Kywehn (f), Kylabek (f), Kysenar (m), Timesset (m), Timesht (f), and Kylet (f). In total six living cubs, two males and two females. There was a total of twelve eggs laid, one didn't hatch, two were eaten, and three died before reaching adulthood.

Kywehn and Kylabek are both Gihry like their grandfather. Kywehn is also Kechen, which is highly unusual.

I believe I have Kyzel's design down and I have Kyster's mostly finished, but haven't colored anything yet. I also have Tennibek's started, but haven't really fleshed her out, mostly because she died shortly after Kywehn's first flight and won't have much other than a name drop in the storyline that follows Kywehn.

I'm going to try and start posting pictures in here more, starting with this post!

Kyzel's design and KywehnCollapse )

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Sunday, March 12th, 2006
2:13 pm
Since for once I have time
I had to go back and see what I have posted thusfar, which isn't much at all.

Back to basics!

There are three main intelligent species on Tae-Kahn. The Grihfohn, the Guenitha, and the Zaub.

The Guenitha are draconic and mammal-like (they are warm blooded, have fur, a four-chambered heart, live young, and that's about where the similarities end as they don't produce milk or anything of the kind). They control most of the northern reaches of Tae-Kahn, including the polar region to some extent. They live in rather large groups (I've been referring to them as clans), which are generally ruled jointly by the oldest members of the clan. The Guenitha preach a peaceful and non-violent society (at least among themselves). They are also highly prone to the "mind gift," which varies from simple empathy to mind reading and seer abilities.

Though there are a few dialects between, they all speak roughly the same language and share the same writing system.

And as it's the most readily available one that I have this serves as a reference for both facial appearance and the writing system (the scrawl in the lower left says "Lantairvlea").

Their writing system follows some pattern of logic, though not one that I'm aware of existing in a terran language, but if I remember right, Korean does something similar. There are four vowels, each with four versions, the high short, low short, long, and pure form. Each vowel has a symbol, and there is a specific modifying symbol that signifies its form. The pure form has no modifying symbol. In Lantair's case you see both the high short and the long version of "A." There are also 21 consonants. The consonants have their own symbol and are combined with the vowel that follows them. Again examining Lantair's name you have the symbol for "L" (the circle/o) combined with the symbol for "A" and it's high short modifier. Consonants that are before another consonant or come after a vowel stand alone, such as the "N, R, and V" in Lantair's name. I'm still seven consonants short of finishing the alphabet.

The Grihfohn hold the southern parts of Tae-Kahn, including most of the tropics and the vast island chains and archepelagoes the speckle the southern oceans. They resemble the mythical beasts from which their name comes from, gryphons, showing both feline and avian characteristics. They have four basic types/races among them. The corvids, the hawk/eagles, the falcons, and the herons.
The corvids tend to reside in the largest groups and are rather noisom and social (at least among each other). They are most prone to the "mind gift". The hawk/eagles are the largest and most aggressive. They are also the second most common out of the four, but hold the most territory. The falcon-type are the smallest, but maintain quite an attitude, small, but fierce. They are the most populous. The least common is the heron type, who are slim and shy. They are the most peaceful of the four and generally keep to themselves. These are most prone to being Kechen, meaning they hold the ability common among the Zaub.

The Grihfohn are most prone to what is called "Gihry" (gih-RII), which is the ability to control and manipulate types of energy. In "present-day" Tae-Kahn the ability has been almost completely bred-out due to past abuses of it.

The Zaub are feline-based. They are a bit larger than terran lions and all possess a set of horns, tail tufts, and some manner of mane or at least a forelock. There are eight distinct lines, each showing specific characteristics. Unlike the Guenitha and Grihfohn all Zaub have some "gift." The overwhealming majority are Kechen, which is sometimes referred to as the "Zaub gift." They are able to manipulate things on the atomic and/or molecular level, an example being Dunst, who controls silver. The strength of the individual varies. The Zaub's language is germanic, thus some of the individuals within it have very german names. I haven't had the chance to sit down and develop the language itself, though I have managed to work out the writing system.

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Sunday, April 17th, 2005
5:20 pm
Transcribed scrawls
Mostly relating to I'ta'ri (I know I said Irtari earlier, but I decided to drop the r and just rearrange the initial contraction).

random conversationCollapse )

I'ta'ri was a pretty strong flier when he still had his wings. He loved it and enjoyed it. The removal of his wings was a great blow to him both mentally and physically. . . . Does Dunst make an appearance/ It can't . . . no ... I think we need someone who uses Gihry. I think it being a Grihfohn would be good.

Kh'seth meets I'ta'riCollapse )

Kh'seth is an older Grihfohn when he fall supon I'ta'ri. He has had past relation with both Guenitha and Zaub, though he is a little rusty with his spoken Guenitha and is a few years behind what is going on up north. He is something of a wandering philosopher. He helps I'ta'ri to heal through his Gihry ability.

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Monday, April 11th, 2005
11:22 pm
Quick blurb
At least while my mind is thinking of it. Zaub types: no more types than clans . . . family lines. Hnn. Must think more on this. But yes, very mixable. One might have family from all types and have appearances covering each. Some things more dominant than others and there aren't nearly so many pure lines as there once were. At least in terms of "modern" Tae-Kahn where Kywehn, Trephi, Achtung, and the like reside.

I'ta'ri (formerly I'ri'ta, but changed due to gramatical things) and his story is starting to flesh out more. I think I might just have my first corvid among the Grihfohns to show himself and pick up a story. I've mostly been dealing with the raptors and they're a much different sort than the corvids. More suspicious and full of fight. I'm still waiting for a heron to come into play. They've yet to decide what to do with themselves, though I know they're hiding out there somewhere in the southern hemisphere.

I might not make sense much longer, so I'll leave it at that.

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Monday, February 21st, 2005
10:38 pm
Because the Guenitha language finally has a word order that should be followed I'm having to change some character names.

I'ri'ta (Irita) is now I'r'ta'ri (Irtari). His full name was "In'ac girehn mésri ürtari," but had to be changed due to the fact that verb is always second and here, GASP! it is third as the phrase was translated word-for-word from "my spirit still soars" rather than being put in the proper word order, which would be "my spirit soars still." So now it's "In'ac girehn ürtari mésri" and properly shortened to Irtari.

Zalklinta/Klinta, whose former full name was "Ma watea zal klinta" has been changed to Z'inta with the full named shortened to "Ma zal klinta" as the watea (that) pushed the verb zal (to see) into the third position as well and, seeing as the that was rather unnecessary it got ditched and she is "One sees ahead" directly translated instead of "one that sees ahead," which is actually what it would still translate to.

Kancu (Kantsu), with the former full name of "Kancu'ri girehn'ott" (silencing spirits is what it meant at the time) has had to be changed due to the Guenitha language not having any form of congigation, thus, the 'ri is dropped and the name shifts to "Kanc'tea li gihren'ott," which translates to "Silencer of spirits" (literally it's "silenter" of spirits) and his called name is being changed to 'Anc'ott (Antsott).

Balent'ri girehn, commonly known as "Balent" is being changed to "Balent'tea'ac girehn," which comes into English as "fighter's spirit" rather than what it was before as "fighting spirit." His called name will be Ba'rehn.

The Guenitha formerly known as Vleaguenat (Vlea guenat), which was supposed to mean "blue flyer," but now doesn't exist in the language is now "Vlea gu'tea," which, of course, menas "blue flyer." Her call name will be V'ea'ut (Veaut).

It appears only Trephi is retaining his name as it is, both his given and the name he is called by.

And, yes, just for kicks, Lantairvlea (whose name's meaning I shall leave as at least a partial mystery to you) has the call name of L'air'ea (Lairea).

*End rabble.*

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Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
11:09 pm
Random Grihfohn information
The Gihry abilities include the manipulation of:
Heat, cold, sound, and electric. It may include light, but I'm not sure.

The Grihfohn's gift is called "Gihry" or some variant thereof according to region and subspecies.

In some flights of Grihfohn, Gihry is readily accepted in the form of "Learned Ones." I'll think up a better, more Grihfohn-sounding name later, but the translation will probably equate the same thing. The "Learned Ones" act as Medicine men, shamans, and/or teachers. Learned Ones are Gihry and use it to help in their healing and fortune telling abilities. Usually the Learned One will be responsible for teaching other Gihry to take his place or to train one for neighboring flights. Usually there is only one Learned One per flight with an apprentice. It often skips a generation unless both parents are Gihry (which is rare).

Not all Gihry become Learned Ones because they lack the sight and vision, though if they go through full training in the use of their gift they will be accepted in Grihfohn society. Those who are not trained by Learned Ones are not trusted and considered unpredictable.

If properly wrapped up in mystics some flights that are not tolerant of the Gihry will accept a Learned One into their midst.

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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
12:05 pm
Several dozen words on the Zaub
There are several distinct types of Zaub, yet to be named. The types are found in specific regions and climates throughout the mid-section of Tae-Kahn. Several prides exist for each type.

Each Zaub is born into a pride, which is then refered to as its "birth-pride" (I know there'll be another term for it eventually). When a Zaub nears adulthood it goes through a "parting ritual." This is to signify the beginning of their journey. The young Zaub must travel near and far to prove its prowess and ability. In the southern prides this usually means obtaining a Grihfohn feather (or a certain number thereof). The journey, which is both symbolic and physical, often lasts a full decade before the youn Zaub returns to its birth-pride and becomes a full adult.

Oftentimes during the journey the Zaub will spend some time with other prides, and even join them for a time as they learn what is needed and progresses in its journey. However, it can't stay in one of these tribes as one must return to his or her birth-prde in order to become a true adult. Many will stay and settle in their birth-pride, though a fair amount will return to another pride that they visited during their journey. Few form a new pride with travel companions and/or mate(s).

Concerning relations, males may take multiple mates at one time, but this is not common. Changing mates is a rather common practice, but not until the cubs from the previous mate have all left for their journies.

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Sunday, December 5th, 2004
10:43 pm
Poor, poor Tae-Kahn
So neglected, though definately not unloved.

I've been thinking and I might go back and rework some things bout Tae-Kahn. I'm looking for a more mythical and fantastic twist to it compared to what it is now. This, of course, will be a challenge as I don't really know HOW to make something closer to high-end fantasy and make it work. I like the nitty-gritty goshdarn it, but I really do want to break from it a bit because I already have a ton of that with kashian, and will end up with a lot concerning lemies for reasons I'll expound on in the other communities later.

So I really want to take out at least three story lines from this. I don't think they'll coinside, but they might.

The first is derived from the initial story idea for Tae-Kahn. That's the story of Trephi and his outcasts. It'll actually focus more on the character of Zalklinta than on Trephi. This one deals with the Guenitha, the draconic species of the north.

The next story will deal with the Zaub, the felines. How exactly, I'm not entirely positive. I'm tempted to follow Dunst again, but I still have Achtung and Brennen with their cubs Berliner and lufta that need a lot more fleshing out. I think Dunst has a bit more interesting story, though I wouldn't doubt that she'd end up running into at least one of the four mentioned.

The last I really would like to do one for Kywehn, a "gifted" Grihfohn. She should be rather fun to play with, especially considering her background and personality.

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Monday, June 28th, 2004
10:37 pm
Concerning the Zaub (finally)
The Zaub are large felines, larger than adult male lions or even Siberian Tigers. They reach around 4.5 ft at the shoulder, males often larger. All Zaub are capable of manipulating some element to a certain extent. Some are more powerful than others as can be exected of any animal.

Their defining characteristics that draw them apart from terran felines are as follows:

All Zaub have some form of horns. The exact shape, placement, and size of these horns varies depending on where the cat is from and what family line. Their coats vary greatly in color as well, though most are shades ranging from yellow, to orange, to red, and brown, there are some that take on a green, purple, or even blue hue. They also possess some sort of mane, most taking the form of a forelock and a short mane about the whithers, though some have a full mane as a lion, and others possess a ridge across their entire topline. Again, this depends on the family line.

The Zaub travel a lot. They move about in groups from one to four, rarely traveling in groups larger. Despite their nearly constant travel a Zaub will return to its "home" pride several times throughout its life. The home pride is usually the one the Zaub was born into, but at times can be one that has been formed by a pair of mated Zaub. Though Zaub don't often stay with one mate throughout life, two may stay together for several years before parting ways.

Each pride generally has no more than 30 adult individuals in its territory at one time. Prides may be as large as 100 individuals, but it is a rare thing to have that many Zaub in one place at one time unless there is some sort of conflict or a major celebration, neither of which are common.

And . . . I need sleep.

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Friday, March 12th, 2004
11:23 pm
Grihfohns are as their name might suggest. They are very similar to the beasts of legend, but, they have a very specific anatomical make-up. Instead of the "standard" single or double-shoulder designs the traditional gryphon/griffin has, the Grihfohn are actually designed in a manner so that, in effect, they have two hind legs, because, after all, a gryphon's "forelegs" tend to carry the same principle design as a bird's hind legs. I'll diagram this later, but believe me, it works. Or at least, I believe it would if it were applied.

They're inbetween the Guenitha and Zaub in size. They about match your standard horse (15hh or 5' at the shoulder), but weigh a bit less. A 15hh horse in good condition weights about 850lbs, give or take 50 or so pounds whereas a Grihfohn of the same stature may weight only 650-700lbs. This is primarily due to their birdy hollow bones and their body shape is generally a bit more slim than your average equine.

The species amasses in the southern regions of Tae-Kahn, though they can be found north of the equator as well, most of them tend to stick south. They don't have very good relations with the Guenitha. For the longest time it was a case of mutual avoidance, but several incidents implanted an intense hatred for the Guenitha in the majority of the Grihfohn sects.

Grihfohns are found in many color variations and a few different base designs, but there are four distinct, well-defined sub-species if you will. They can be shorted into the following groups: Corvids, Hawks/Eagles, Falcons, and Herons.

The Grihfohn flights (for lack of a better word) tend to be less than 50 adult individuals, however, the Corvids have been found to hold company up to 150 (more for short periods of time, but 150 is generally the max for a stable flight).

As I believe has been previously noted Grihfohns are capable of having the Guenitha's telepathic abilities as well as the Zaub's capability to manipulate elements/compounds. In addition they can tamper with kinetic energy to both manipulate temperature and to cause static charges. This is a thing unique to the Grihfohn, though it is a rather rare talent now.

Due to some troubles in the Grihfohn past the majority of them are rather frightened and intimidated of the idea of another having such gifts so they tend to kick out those who've shown tendencies towards them. However, those kicked out of Grihfohn flights are much less angsty and vengeful, for the most part, than their Guenithan counterparts. In some instances there are flights constructed entirely of individuals possessing these gifts. Oftentimes these flights are an unusual mix of all four base types as well as several dozen variations thereof, whereas the usual flight consists of individuals from the same group/sub-species, and also sharing the same general appearance as far as base markings and soforth go.

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
11:47 pm
The Guenitha
The best individual example I have of the Guenitha would be LantairVlea, although she isn't connected via any story line or anything to Tae-Kahn, she's the Gutha (short/slang) that gets drawn the most.

Typical Guenitha

This image will probably be refined a bit and finished, but this is just for my current illustration purposes to describe the species.

Guenitha have a fairly long neck that is generally held in an "S" curve with the head held at the slight downward angle. They have a fairly defined stop and a rather equine head. Their ears are large and sensitive and their noses as well have fair sensitivity to scents. Unlike equines, however, the Guenitha are obnivorous, some leaning more heavily on meat, others more on vegitable, but it varies between Clans. They have large eyes and good sized brains for their size and are fairly intelligent. They don't have much in the way of technology (yet), but they haven't really seen much use in it due to their physical prowess. The standard Guenitha stands between 11' and 13' at the shoulder rarely dropping to 10' or jumping to 14'. A Guenitha hitting 15' is nearly unheard of, but there have been a handful.

They have a mane that generally runs from about the middle of the forehead to the "whithers" or, rather, the point in which the shoulder muscles begin. In some cases (such as Lantair's) the mane will run all the way to the end of the tail, but this is a recessive trait and doesn't show up often.

Their bodies are rather short compared to their long limbs, but the chest is deep and they are perfectly capable of outdistancing Earth's horse on the ground. I'm uncertain what their top speed is exactly, but it's over 45 mph on the ground. Their preffered locomotion is flight, which would explain the large wings. They have sufficient strength in their hindquarters to launch themselves a fair distance into the air, enough to get several wing beats down and their mass airborn. They preffer to glide, but will make use of their muscle in a more active manner if needed. They aren't terribly agile, but can still pull off some amazing feats when in top condition. Each wing is more than the length of a guenitha's body, nearly double, and works off of a single-shoulder desing that I need to work out.

The current list of "official" Guenitha are as follows, most being a part of the attempted story "Outcasts":
Full name: Tremalitairph (green one of promise), male, goes by: Trephi (Green Death, he changed his name after being exiled from his clan)
Full name: Mawateazalklinta (one that sees ahead), female, goes by: Zalklinta or Zinta
Full name: Vleaguat (blue flyer), female, goes by: Vlat
Full name: Balentgihren (fighting spirit), male, goes by: Barehn
Full name: Inacgirehnmésriürtari (my spirit still soars), male, goes by: I'ri'ta
Full name: LantairVlea (dark blue), female, goes by: full name or Lantair
Full name: Kancurigihren'ott (silencing spirits), male, goes by: Anc'ott

Moving on to culture-related items, we hit jewelry. It is rather rare, and not necessarily exceptionally well crafted save for by the few clans who've monopolized the "Zaub gift," which is highly recessive amung the Guenitha.

Permanent structures are rather rare in Guenitha culture save for a few of the older, well-established Clans that construct a permanent building to house the Hall of Elders, which is generally located at the heart of the Clan's territory and is where the Clan's Elders make their descisions and generally sleep. In most cases Guenitha generally house themselves in caves or in crude tent or leanto-style structures. They're rather physically resistant to the cold weather in winter so generally buildings aren't even needed. The Hall of Elders is erected more to consecrate the sacredness of the place rather than to simply make life more comfortable.

The telepathic capabilities of the Guenitha are the strongest out of the three sentients. Although it isn't insanely common, it doesn't take much to find a Guenitha that has the ability to read minds. Stronger individuals, those able to touch minds at a distance, or see things far away are rarer. Even more rare are those who are actually capable of tinkering with emotions and memories, not just touching thoughts, but the memories of past events in an individual's life even if he or she doesn't remember the event. These are greatly respected and slightly feared. They have a lot of power in Guenitha society.

Questions? *Grin.*

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Sunday, February 15th, 2004
11:04 pm
The Guenithan Language
There are three fundamental dialects and writing systems. The differences between the three aren't too great and it tends to not be too hard to bridge the gap between two Guenitha of differing clans. The current writing system is fairly broad in spectrum, but all are required to learn the basic rune system that is common to all three of the dialects and is used for long-distance communication between the Clans. The runes are also used in keeping the official histories of a Clan. Aside from that all letters, personal logs, and soforth make use of the writing system developed within that Clan or area.

As far as the spoken language goes, what I have down currently is taken from the primary dialect spoken by roughly half of the Guenitha populace. There are a few important things to note about it, which can be applied to the other two dialects as well.

All verbs stay the same. They do not alter or change in any manner. A suffix is added to denote past tense ('az) and in the case of stating that someone does something 'tea is added to the end, but apart from that they stay the same despite whatever the subject might be or how many of it there is (english example is run to running to runs). The verb is fixated in the second position. In the case that there's more than one verb in a sentence, the 2nd (or 3rd etc) verb is placed at the end. The subject of the sentence is placed either in the first or third position unless a sentence is a question or describing a future event.

example: I am walking. Inu minkle Am I walking? Nur mikle inu? I am going to walk/I will walk. Arcé minkle inu.
a quick example of past tense: I walked. Inu minkle'az

There is only one form of past tense in guenithan. There is only the "I walked" form. The english sentence "I have walked," does not exist in guenithan, even when describing something as "I have walked twenty miles" it would be worded "I walked twenty miles" (Inu minkle'az bimi miles).

Now for the fun part: pronounciation.
These rules apply pretty much to any name or creature that I've created, save for the C rule which will be explained:
C, save where it is shown as CH or CH is pronounced as TS. U, unless accompanied by an H is pronounced like OO and never as "you." This also applies to O, as unless there is an H it is pronounced as the long O sound. If placed at the end of a word or syllable a single I is pronounced as a long E and a single Y would be pronounced as a long I. IE is pronounced as a long E sound and EI is pronounced as a long I sound, no exceptions. The AH combination produces the same sound as is found in "apple" or "can," where a lonely A is pronounced as in "apart" or "walk." The EA at the end of a syllable or word is a long A sound, so is the AE placed in the middle of a word or syllable. Q maintains the KW sound, but QU picks up the should of CHW. The underline in CH is important as it denotes the difference between the english CH as found in the word "check" and the german ch as found in words like "doch." I'm going to attempt and get some sound bites so that the difference can be better understood (or you could go hit up someone who speaks german and have them pronounce it for you). Lastly, as in english, the X is pronounced like KS.

The most common sounds in guenithan are IH, any and all A sounds, TS, K, and EH.

On a related note, the names of individual Guenitha are derived directly from the language. They take a phrase or sentence that describes the individual, which would be his or her given name, then, for simplicity's sake, they contract it into a short common name usually less than three syllables long.

examples: Ma watea zal klinta (one that sees ahead) Z'inta or Zinta
here's a fun one: Inac girehn mésri ürtari (my spirit still soars) I'ri'ta or Irita (though I must note in this case the apostraphes probably wouldn't be removed to keep the I and R being slurred and to maintain the long E sound of the second I)

And that's the lesson in Guenitha language for today. Hmm, I'm going to try and type up some good, long descriptions of the Guenitha, Zaub, and Grihfohn by the end of the week if I get some time.

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First post
Hurra! Right, this place is not just here for me to rattle on for eternity, it's also for you people to ask questions and toss about ideas and soforth if that's your fancy. The "sister communities" to this are kashian and lemies, two of my other planetary projects.

Brief run-down:

Tae-Kahn is the home of three sentient races. The Guenitha, the Zaub, and the Grihfohn.

The Grihfohn, as you might conclude, are similar to the mythical gryphon in appearance, however, their anatomy is unique. There are three basic types, the eagle and hawk, the corvid, and the crane-related types. They cover the majority of the southern hemisphere below the equatorial region and are rather territorial and intollerant of their fellow Grihfohn neighbors. They're respectful of the Zaub, but are adimately against the Guenitha. There have been cases where individuals have shown telepathic abilities, as well as the ability to manipulate gases, liquids, and solids. There's also the ability unique, but almost extinct, among the Grihfohns of manipulating fire and ice.

Guenitha are the most developed and "fleshed out" of the three species. They are the largest preditor on the planet. They keep peace amung themselves and abhor violent behavior towards other Guenitha. Despite being fairly well spread throughout the northern hemisphere, the language is remarkably similar and there's only three major dialects. Currently there are over 300 words in guenithan language along with a writing system which is shared with all of the Guenitha. Some individuals have the much prised ability of telepathic communication, visions, and the ability to manipulate the emotions of others. Though individuals of great strength are rare and tend to be found once every other generation, the minimal abilities are fairly common in that one in every 50 Guenitha has at least basic telepathic ability. There is one clan that boasts the greatest consentraction of individuals with what the Guenitha callt he "Zaub Gift."

Zaub are felines that are a bit larger than a tiger. Their build varies between individuals and family lines. Though clothing isn't used, jewelery and other adornments are common due to their ability to manipulate the elements. Their craft and abilities are highly developed and the quality that they produce is far beyond what the Guenitha and Grihfohn are capable of. They thrive in loose groups with defined territories, although individuals will change prides several times throughout his or her lifetime.

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